Walking in the south Hams is a spectacle at all times of the year, spotting sealife from dolphins, seals, basking sharks and mackerel shoals off the coast and if you’re really lucky maybe the tail of a humpback whale! In land the rolling hills, picturesque thatched cottages and rugged Dartmoor and of course at the end of every walk there’s got to be a Devon pub with a refreshing drink.
The House is located 2 miles from the South West Coastal Path at Torcross which is easily reached by the number 3 bus. Luggage Transfers will transport your bags to your next accommodation to save carrying it on your walk. The House is also located in an ‘Area of Outstanding Natural Beauty’ and the AONB website has an excellent selection of walks. We have a selection of these printed for you to take with you for the day.

Our Favourites are the Gara rock circular walk taking in sea views, esturary views and seeing Salcombe. You can extend this walk by walking to the East Portlemouth ferry and crossing to Salcombe for refreshment.

We love the stunning views of Start Bay, parking at Beesands and walking to the lighthouse and back. This walk can be adjusted to your prefered length by only going as far as Hallsands or adding on Matticombe Sands, to make it even longer you can go to Torcross in the other direction. This can be turned into a circular walk at low tide by going along the beach to Torcross and following the SWCP on the way back to Beesands.


A nice easy walk on Dartmoor for beginners from Shipley bridge, it can get busy, and walk up to Avon dam. The route follows the river upstream past some waterfalls and then opens onto more open moor.

If you are looking for a guided walk on Dartmoor then look no further than Dartmoor Guided Walks they will not only help you to not get lost but also pick a route that is suitable for your ability and share with you some of the fascinating history Dartmoor has to offer.

If you are looking for something more than just a guided walk from Widecombe-in-the-moor Dartmoor Llamas will carry your rucksack and picnic lunch. Text Steve Weymouth on 07776215418 for availability.